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Why Congressional Candidate Matt Castelli Rocks

Did you see Brett's email from a few days ago?

We're sending this follow-up message because universal preschool is one of Democrats Serve's top priorities, and we think universal preschool should be Congress's top priority too.

But instead of having a conversation about policy priorities or coming to some sort of compromise, Republicans in Congress are intent on standing in the way of progress. And Elise Stefanik, the GOP conference chair, is leading the charge.

Universal preschool isn't just about educating our children-- it's about affordable childcare so that families can make real choices instead of being forced to make tough decisions.

That's why Democrats Serve is focused on supporting quality candidates who practice what they preach. Matt Castelli just announced he is running against Elise Stefanik and Democrats Serve is proud to endorse him. Will you make a donation of $5 today to support candidates like Matt Castelli?

Matt Castelli is a former CIA officer and Director for Counterterrorism at the National Security Council who served in both the Obama and Trump White Houses. A Democrat, he lives in Saratoga County and is running to defeat Elise Stefanik and represent the people of NY's 21st Congressional District.

And you can be sure that Matt Castelli will spend his time in Congress fighting for progress instead of fighting against it.

Democrats Serve will continue to support candidates like Matt Castelli, Tony Vargas, and Aramis Ayala. Will you join us today by contributing any amount to the cause?

Posted on November 26, 2021 in Latest Updates.