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What Val Demings said:

Late Friday night, the House of Representatives cast a bipartisan vote to finally pass President Biden's infrastructure plan, joining the bipartisan vote in the US Senate.

For four years, Donald Trump promised an infrastructure bill, and he failed. Joe Biden got it done. What's amazing is how many Republicans voted against it.

Tops on the list is Senator Marco Rubio. He plays a nice guy on TV, acting like a thoughtful, policy-minded leader. But when it came down to it, he joined the most extreme Republicans in voting against this bipartisan deal. Donate $19 now and let's support his Republican opponent, Congresswoman Val Demings, a public service professional we're proud to endorse.

As Val tweeted yesterday:

The future is brighter in the Sunshine State. Democrats and Republicans united to rebuild our roads and bridges, fund our ports, expand broadband internet, and bring good paying jobs to FL. Extremes on both sides, including Rubio, voted against it. It's time for him to go.

Val's right. It's an historic investment in fixing our roads, bridges, airports, and ports; in mass transit, passenger rail, and an electric vehicle charging network; eliminating lead pipes for the last 10 million households and 400,000 schools; high-speed broadband everywhere; and to do it all with good-paying jobs.

Chip in now and let's power Val to victory!


Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on November 7, 2021 in Latest Updates.