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Trump declared war on civil servants.

Donald Trump and his Republican allies declared war on frontline government workers throughout his term in office.

Overburdened public school teachers. Exhausted nurses during a pandemic. First responders during climate change related-disasters. Even the Capitol Hill police who fought to protect our democracy on January 6.

Our communities depend on these workers, who provide mission-critical services—far too often without recognition or respect.

At Democrats Serve, we are putting ourselves at the intersection of that fight and electing terrific leaders who understand what it means to directly serve the public.

Bill Finch is the former mayor of Bridgeport, Connecticut. He won't sugar-coat things for you about why our mission is important:

'Trump's war on public service was a disaster. As a former emergency management administrator, I know first-hand what it takes to mitigate the impact of natural disasters. That's why I'm supporting Democrats Serve and their mission to support candidates with public service backgrounds. Because the best and most responsible policymakers are often public service pros, who have seen first-hand how policies directly impact folks in their communities.' - Bill Finch, Former Bridgeport Mayor, CT State Senator, and emergency management administrator

Winning elections is only a single step forward for us. It's critical to our mission and why we're relying on your grassroots support.

What happens after Election Day is critical. We need leaders who can produce better policy outcomes, as well as being responsive to traditionally-underserved communities.

Because, as former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Pat Timmons-Goodson can attest...

'To get better policy, we need to elect more people who have seen and felt the human impact of government. As a judge, I saw it all. My judicial experience helped me to see what should be done differently. Supporting non-traditional candidates who have served their communities will bring change. Democrats Serve will promote that change.' - Pat Timmons-Goodson, Former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice

By donating to Democrats Serve today, you're helping us build a grassroots team that will put up a big fight in 2022—so we can achieve a better future with better leaders tomorrow.

Keep up the good work.


Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on July 14, 2021 in Latest Updates.