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This is important to me. Here’s why:

Headshot of Bill Finch

When you get right down to it, government is hard.

Getting elected can be tough, and the skills we ask of our politicians — raising money, giving speeches, kissing babies—aren't exactly the skills that we need from our leaders in government. Because Government is about delivering services to people. Let's elect people who have experience serving the public.

Before I ran for office, I helped my town — Bridgeport, Connecticut — plan for natural disasters. Emergency preparedness is the sort of thing that no one pays attention to until disaster strikes.

It was that work that prepared me to serve in the Connecticut state legislature and as mayor of Bridgeport. Ask the tough questions, focus on the budget, hire smart and competent people, tell the public exactly what's going on.

That's why I'm so enthusiastic about Democrats Serve, the new PAC that's recruiting, training, and supporting public service professionals who are ready to take the leap and run for office.

If the early days of the pandemic showed us anything, it's that competent leadership matters — imagine if Donald Trump had just let Dr. Fauci and the CDC do their job without political interference! Hundreds of thousands of lives and millions of jobs would have been saved.

I know that you have choices about where to donate.

I'm supporting Democrats Serve because this approach — electing leaders who have been on the front lines delivering services to the public — is exactly what we need right now.

On a personal note: Brett Broesder, the founding executive director for Democrats Serve, is exactly the guy for the job. Brett worked for me in the Mayor's office. He's got a big heart, a sharp mind, and he's relentless at getting the job done.

Democrats Serve is just getting off the ground, and they're already making a difference. I'm asking you to chip in just $20 and become a founding donor. When you see the leaders you help elect you'll be proud that you did.

Bill Finch
Mayor of Bridgeport, CT

Posted on August 2, 2021 in Latest Updates.