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She’s going to fight them. So let’s fight for her.

By now, you know Katie Porter.

After being elected in our 2018 blue wave, she has shown as much courage as anyone we have ever seen, and her public cross-examinations of special interests have been must-see TV.

From Trump's appointed postmaster general to Big Pharma executives, Rep. Porter has impressed us as much as any member of Congress over the last few years with how she's held public figures accountable, one sketch on her whiteboard at a time.

Katie honed her understanding of right and wrong through years of public service teaching law at the University of Iowa and University of California-Irvine. That strong moral compass, combined with her impassioned and direct style, has made her beloved by constituents from all parties in a deeply purple district.

And made her a prime boogeywoman of the radical far-right.

Please make a donation of $5 today to show Katie Porter we have her back. Every dollar raised now will be twice as valuable the closer we get to Election Day.

Headshot of Katie Porter with text that says 'Stand with Katie Porter, Donate now'

The very foundations of our democracy are on the line. And it could come down to this Congressional seat.

That's not hyperbole. There are just five seats that will determine the next House elections, and Katie is in deeply red territory: she was the first Democrat to ever hold California's 45th district—ending 36 years of Republican dominance.

At a time when Republicans in Congress are literally gaslighting a coup attempt, trying to normalize a banana republic, we cannot afford to lose Katie Porter.

We need Katie in Congress, someone who values the work public service professionals do on the outside—and an unabashed fighter for our progressive values on the inside.

Democrats Serve is going to be on her side each and every day, and that's where you come in: please chip in and let's stand up together for one of the greatest fighters we have.


Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on August 12, 2021 in Latest Updates.