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She’s built her career seeking justice

Two pioneers to lead the state of Florida. One unified commitment to serving their community.

Democrats Serve was one of the first organizations to stand behind Val Demings in her fight against Marco Rubio.

Now, we're excited to endorse Aramis Ayala to succeed Val in Florida's 10th Congressional District.

I'm confident that with her frontline public service experience and bold, principled leadership, she is exactly what we need in Congress.

With fewer than 10 seats determining control of Congress, we have to protect every seat. Chip in $5 today to support Aramis in this critical race.

Stand with Aramis Ayala. Donate Now.

Aramis has lived the struggle too many families face.

While in law school, she was told she had less than 24 hours to live with an aggressive form of cancer. And then, after battling through more than a year of chemotherapy, she went back to school and continued her fight to become the first in her family to become a lawyer. And she made it. Today, she's cancer-free.

Like Val, Aramis has built her career seeking justice.

She served for nearly two decades as a prosecutor and public defender before becoming Florida's first Black state attorney. She has been such a powerful voice for justice that right-wing Florida Governors Rick Scott and Ron DeSantis have attacked her and undermined her at nearly every turn.

At a time when Republicans in Washington are turning on law enforcement, gaslighting the January 6 insurrection and politicizing the attacks on Capitol Police officers, we need people like Aramis more than ever who are committed to fighting back, breaking the status quo, and building safer, healthier communities.

Simply put, America deserves better than today's Republican leadership. That's why electing Democrats like Aramis Ayala, with proven commitment to serving the public, is critical to safeguarding our democracy.

Please join Democrats Serve in standing with Aramis Ayala and protecting a Democratic, pro-service majority.


Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on September 1, 2021 in Latest Updates.