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Pushing back on the NRA's scare tactics:

For years, the NRA has controlled things in Washington DC by using their power to instill fear in politicians — Democrats and Republicans alike.

No more.

Why are we so excited about the prospect of Rep. Val Demings taking on Senator Marco Rubio?

Because she's unafraid of the NRA. Here's what Val said just a few days ago, folks:

I’m sick of inaction while easily-fixed loopholes cause death and tragedy in our communities. I call on Congress to immediately advance and pass these common-sense reforms to stop mass shooters, slow the flow of untraceable weapons into our communities, and protect law enforcement officers.

Despite the lies and screeches from the scandal-ridden NRA, the truth is that the vast majority of Americans agree that criminals shouldn’t be able to buy a gun or download one, that weapons which fire through police officers’ ballistic vests should be tightly and rightly controlled, and that weapon modifications that allow shooters to fire hundreds of rounds a minute simply have no place on our streets.

Please join Democrats Serve and let's show Val that we've got her back in fighting for commonsense gun safety laws and against the NRA:

PHOTO: Val Demings

Folks are taking notice of the work that we're doing here at Democrats Serve. Here's a clip from Bloomberg:

A new political action committee, Democrats Serve, is set to provide backing for Demings. The PAC plans to support candidates with public service backgrounds, including in law enforcement, who often lack the access to donor networks and other help needed to be successful. ...

“There’s an appetite for Democrats to be able to push back on the scare tactics,” said Achim Bergmann, a Democratic strategist with decades of experience in campaigns nationwide, who’s helping to establish the new PAC.

Chip in right now and let’s show Val that we’ve got her back.

Let's stand with Val, my friends!

Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on May 26, 2021 in Latest Updates.