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Paramedics without health insurance. Really.

This pandemic has been an incredibly difficult time for us all. That's especially true for first responders, including paramedics.

We should not gloss over an important fact: despite their lifeline role, too many paramedics can barely make ends meet.

This is hard to believe, but far too many paramedics don't even have health insurance coverage. Paramedics!

We need to change that, and Democrats Serve wants to be at the heart of that movement. So sign the petition and support more funding for our frontline workers.

While some paramedics are frontline public employees, far too many work for for-profit ambulance companies paying subpar wages, denying them health insurance.

That's absolutely unacceptable. We cannot let people who are bearing the brunt of this pandemic continue to struggle as they are.

Please sign the petition and urge action today: stand with our nation's EMS workers as they fight for better wages, benefits, and health care.

Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on November 11, 2021 in Latest Updates.