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Our endorsement for mayor of New York

Last night, the eight leading candidates for mayor of New York City faced off in their final debate.

Election Day is Tuesday, and it's unlike any election in the history of New York City. For the first time, voters in the Big Apple will get a chance to rank their top five candidates. This is the biggest jurisdiction in American history ever to conduct an election with Ranked Choice Voting.

Here at Democrats Serve, we're proud to say that we're endorsing two Democratic candidates for mayor of New York City: Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia.

At Democrats Serve, we're backing Garcia and Adams for the top two spots — in either order.

Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia

Both Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia have what it takes to be the next mayor. And that's in no small part because they're both lifelong public servants, working at the "rubber meets the road" end of government.

New York's next mayor needs to be someone who knows what it means to deliver services directly to the public.

Garcia is a get-it-done problem solver, who climbed the ranks from intern to top executive in the NYC Department of Sanitation.

Adams joined the NYPD to change it from within — leading a coalition of officers who fought the pervasive racism and bias in the police department.

At Democrats Serve, we're proud to support candidates like Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia — and so many Democrats just like them. We're working to elect political leaders from public service backgrounds — teachers, firefighters, social workers, nurses, public safety officials, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, frontline government workers.

I'm excited that we're underway, and I'm glad you're with us.


Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on June 17, 2021 in Latest Updates.