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Exactly the kind of leader we’re after

Hard work saw Andy Kim knock off an established Republican incumbent in New Jersey's 3rd Congressional District.

Two years later, he did it again. And it came down to those last few swing seats to keep our House majority.

Republicans are determined to win here, for good reason — before Andy Kim, Republicans had held this seat for 24 of the past 26 years. That's right: Andy was the first Democrat to win consecutive races in the district in three decades.

He is just one of five Democrats running for re-election in a district that Trump won — and the only person of color among those five.

With redistricting looming, Republicans have a very real shot to get their wish, win the seat back, and with it take back the House.

Step up for Andy Kim and let's lock down this critical New Jersey swing district.

Stand With Andy Kim. Donate Now.

Andy's been able to connect with his community because he's achieved a record in public service that's outstanding.

Before he ran for Congress, he was a civilian strategic advisor advising our military leaders in Afghanistan. He served in the State Department, helping defend democracy around the globe. In the White House, he was a national security advisor advising President Obama on Iraq.

Public service? It's in his blood. He's spent his life standing up for democracy.

When Democrats Serve got started, fighting for public service professionals like Andy Kim was exactly what we envisioned. With all that is happening across America and the planet, his leadership is absolutely essential.

Please donate today. Step up and let's do this together.


Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on September 15, 2021 in Latest Updates.