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Coast-to-Coast Service

It's not a radical idea: Democrats who serve their communities do remarkable jobs as elected officials.

I'm talking about the social worker who takes their skill and compassion to city hall; the firefighter who puts down the helmet and hose and goes to work putting out metaphorical fires in the state legislature; and the police officer who takes on the root causes of crime by serving in Congress.

So many public service professionals would serve our communities well in elected office, and our grassroots financial support can get them there. Will you chip in $3 right now?

Take it from Suffolk County, New York legislator Kara Hahn:

Kara Hahn supports Democrats Serve

She has it absolutely right: this is about devotion to your community. Not so radical at all.


Tom Potter agrees. He's a former police officer and police chief who served as a reform-minded mayor of Portland, Oregon, and like us, he's committed to electing a diverse group of public servants that come from the ranks of frontline government workers.

Tom Potter supports Democrats Serve

The 2022 election is much, much closer than you think. As a result, the organizing we do right now will pay tenfold next year.

Your early support as we push to election day matters, and it will help us build a bigger movement to elect great public servants in 2021. Donate now and make it happen.


Brett Broesder
Democrats Serve

Posted on July 9, 2021 in Latest Updates.