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A progressive leader in a district that voted for Bush, Romney, and Trump.

Lauren Underwood has quickly become a progressive hero, and her experience as a nurse makes her one of our critical leaders on health care in Congress. But Republicans have fought her to close, close margins in each of her two elections.

Just how close?

In 2018, it was about 15,000 votes. In 2020? Fewer than 6,000 votes. In a district that voted for Bush, Romney, and Trump.

Republicans think they can win this one, because they almost have in the past.

Please join Democrats Serve and support Lauren Underwood in a critical frontline race.

Stand with Lauren Underwood

Rep. Underwood is literally one of our most vulnerable incumbents, and with good reason:

Despite representing a historically red district, she's been fearless in supporting critical, service-led reforms—in health care and across her jurisdiction.

It only makes sense. She is a registered nurse (and also a former advisor to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services), someone who has dedicated her life to serving her community members at their most vulnerable. It's only fitting that she's carried that expertise in Congress, on the frontlines of so many progressive fights around our treatment systems.

Elective office should be made up of public service professionals like Lauren Underwood, leaders who understand the challenges being faced by Americans—especially during a pandemic.

Republicans don't think so, so we need to do everything we can to be on the frontline for Rep. Underwood.

Please join Democrats Serve and let's stand together for Illinois Rep. Lauren Underwood.

Brett Broesder
Executive Director
Democrats Serve

Posted on August 25, 2021 in Latest Updates.