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At Democrats Serve, we support candidates running for office with civil and public service backgrounds. 

We recruit, train, and support Democrats with backgrounds serving their communities in government, including firefighters, first responders, social workers, public safety officials, judges, prosecutors, public defenders, educators, and more.

Candidates with public and civil service backgrounds know first-hand the real-life impact of policies and their direct work in strengthening their communities. That makes for compelling campaign narratives.

Conversely, candidates with these backgrounds sometimes fall short because they do not possess personal wealth or a strong donor network. And some candidates with civil and public service backgrounds find the transition challenging from being a nonpartisan public servant to a partisan political candidate.

That’s why Democrats Serve, a Hybrid Political Action Committee (PAC), is here to help ensure candidates running for office with a civil or public service background have access to the resources necessary to achieve success.

Democrats Serve activities include:

Candidates who are competitive in 2021 races are currently being evaluated for endorsements, and where appropriate, direct engagement.

Download our prospectus here.